Amy Schumer challenges Netflix on comedian pay gap

Amy Schumer says she insisted Netflix pay her the same as male comedians after finding out how much they earn.

She reportedly negotiated with the streaming service after finding out how much Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock were being paid.

They all made similar exclusive stand up shows, but the men were paid $20m (£15.7m).

Amy says she was first offered $11m (£8.58m) but was later compensated by the company.

Variety.com published the information as part of a wider report into the different pay rates for men, women and minorities on TV.

Amy’s Netflix show, “The Leather Special” premiered in March, at a time when she featured on the cover of Vogue and released her biography, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, which went on to be a New York Times bestseller.

Her team apparently demanded more money for Amy’s stand-up show as a result and it worked.

This comes just days after the Hollywood pay gap was again highlighted when Forbes magazine published their annual earnings list.

It saw Emma Stone named as the highest paid actress of 2016, earning $26m (£20m) for her roles including La La Land.

Her pay would not place her in the top ten highest paid male actors though, with the lowest paid, Akshay Kumar, earning $35.5m (£27.7m).

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